Call our Sales Team on The new Dover engines are claimed to last longer. While we can't pronounce on that, Steve Gray has sampled the new range on the road in Portugal and found them quieter. A full road test is being arranged. The range has now been designated Dover 90 to Series previous engines were named Dorsetand has been uprated and made more reliable, says Ford.

Power outputs now extend from 66kW 89bhp to kW bhp BS AU a gross, and although the exterior dimensions and capacities of the four engines are the same as those of the old, almost every component has been changed. The head and block castings are completely new in each case and, according to Ford, the only common parts between Dorset and Dover are the flywheels and some main-bearing caps. Ford's rationale in introducing the engine range now, rather than at the original Cargo launch is unclear.

The company says the Cargo programme was delayed anyway and should have been announced a year earlier. It is probable that the constraints of engineering time and finance meant two separate developments, although how operators who have already bought Cargo with the Dorset engine will feel about this is something else. According to Ford, its major objective in redesigning the engine was to improve durability over the old engine. Ford's aim was a 50 per cent improvement and, the company claims, development engines — some of which have been in service with operators since before the launch — have regularly exceeded the durability target of ,kmmiles.

1989 Ford Cargo Cab Over Flat Beb Truck ID#:111

At the same time, power outputs were raised by ten per cent and fuel economy, Ford claims, has been bettered by five per cent. A lengthening of service intervals by 50 per cent and a reduction in base noise of 30 per cent were two of the other parameters of the programme.

High-mileage Dorset engines were taken to the engineering and research centre at Dunton, Essex. They came from operators all over the world and were stripped and carefully examined before the design programme was started. All information was collated by the Ford engineers from 32 six-cylinder engines; 23 of those had been taken from the reconditioning line, the remainder having been changed while still in service. Although none of the engines had broken down completely, some had suffered gasket failures.

Most were burning oil excessively. Average mileage for the inspected sample was ,kmmiles with some having done nearly twice that. A total of 83 separate measurements were taken from the most wear-critical areas. Cylinder bores, valve stems and seats, piston rings and grooves s well as the more obvious :hecks of crankshaft journals Ind bearings were all made.

In order to put all this into erspective, Ford engineers then vocessed the information into a :omputer program which preented the results in a histogram ormat which showed the deIree of wear against each ccurrence.

Ford then discovered a correation with 27 components highighted in priority order, with pisons and pins taking the number ne spot.The fire engine, known as a graphex tender, is one of only two in existence. Each vehicle carried one tonne of graphex powder, a graphite-based fire fighting agent. With the bulk of the coolant in the prototype reactor destroyed and work now underway to destroy the coolant in the Dounreay fast reactor, the need for the bespoke fire engines has diminished.

Because of the unusual and unique demands this type of substance generates when on fire it was subsequently decided it was a necessary to have in place 24 hours, days a year dedicated fire appliances and specially trained plant firefighters.

The Prototype Fast Reactor at Dounreay had 1, tonnes of sodium as coolant. The bulk of the sodium is now destroyed and they are no longer needed. Thankfully the tenders were never required to be used!

I am told that the appliance performed superbly on the long trip home. Appliance Details: Type: Ford Cargo — 2-man tilt cab, medium wheelbase chassis with double back wheels.

Scottish Fire and Rescue History. Registered Scottish Charity SCThe Ford Cargo is a forward control cab-over-engine truck model that is manufactured by Ford. Designed by Ford of Britain as the successor to the larger Ford Transcontinental cabover, the Cargo entered production in Following the sale of the commercial vehicle division of Ford of Europe to Ivecothe Ford Cargo was sold in Europe as an Iveco Ford towhen it was updated, becoming the Iveco Eurocargo.

The styling of the Cargo intentionally followed the family look of Ford of Europe's car range with the distinctive louvred black "Aeroflow" grille also used on the likes of the Escort III the Cortina 80, both of which Le Quement had worked on under the leadership of Uwe Bahnsen.

Another distinguishing feature of the original design was quarter windows that extend down nearly to floor level also seen in the Volvo FL for drivers in urban locations, the design was intended to better show pathways and blindspots while parking. With the demise of the Ford Transcontinental heavy truck range inBritish Ford introduced a range of heavyweight Cargo tractor units ranging from to tonnes gcw.

ford cargo 0813 engine size

The tonners were powered by the Cummins L10 while those at and tonnes had PerkinsCumminsor air-cooled Deutz diesels. The 7. InFord sold its European truck operations to the Italian Iveco group and subsequent vehicles have been badged Iveco Ford. After the recession in the s, Iveco rationalised its production operations, overlooked by Keith Stanley Jones Production Engineering Manager. The original lightweight Cargo was replaced in by the Iveco Eurocargo range, covering the 7.

It was originally only built in Ford's Langley Slough plant, from which about a third of the production was exported to continental Europe.

Cargos were also exported to Turkey and to Australia, while panels were supplied to Brazil for local assembly these Brazilian trucks were also exported to the United States. Production has expanded since: the model is still made in Argentina only the Cargo [5] between and and Venezuelan also known as the Ford Trader Ford subsidiaries, Turkey's Ford Otosanand India's Ashok Leyland as the eComet and as the Stallion. Inin the United States, Ford introduced the Cargo as part of its commercial truck range.

Intended to replace the long-running C-Series cabover largely unchanged since the Cargo was gradually phased in alongside its predecessor, slotted below the larger CL semitractor. For the first time, a commercial Ford truck sold in the United States was assembled outside of Louisville, Kentuckywith production sourced from Brazil. Following the sale of the Ford heavy-truck line to Freightliner, production of the Cargo shifted to Freightliner, where it was marketed and sold under the Freightliner FC and Sterling SC brand names through From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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WikiProject Trucks may be able to help recruit an expert. April Retrieved 4 April September TRUCK : Retrieved 12 April Ford of Europe. Ford Motor Company. Tourneo Courier Tourneo Connect Tourneo. Ford vehicles. E-Series Cutaway F F Category Commons. Ford Motor Company heavy truck timeline, North American market, —present. Hidden categories: Use dmy dates from June Articles needing expert attention from April All articles needing expert attention Trucks articles needing expert attention Commons category link from Wikidata.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history.The Classic Machinery Network Skip to content. Home Search New posts Unread posts. Quick links. Ford Cargo truck - Is there a comprehensive year and engine list anywhere? I though it should have been not a drama, I mean, most things My internet searches sort of hit a brick wall pretty quick, one site indicating that a d engine had 3 different versions and another just the one. It almost seems like the guys at ford just picked a motor at random and shoved it in with no real system to it.

Anyhow today, I let the local parts people have a go, and they're usually pretty good, as they have a good line on suppliers.

ford cargo 0813 engine size

After a couple of calls for more info, yep it's No doubt the top gasket kit will come with head bolt tensions, but I wouldn't mind tracking down a workshop manual that includes that engine. Anyone know a good place to start? The Ford range Workshop manual I've located is dated 79, a couple of years before Ford used the d in the Cargo.

For all I know, the d could have been about since the early 70s. Thanks in Advance. Re: Ford Cargo truck - Is there a comprehensive year and engine list anywhere? Yes a very good page of info. Yes Paul, that's the thing, there doesn't seem to be any system to what engines were used or an easy way to determine what version of engine is actually in a truck. The neighbour knew at least of all it was a d but the parts supplier in Sydney finally went by the molding number in the block to determine which version of the d it was.

What I am trying to say is that you need to ID which you have if you are around that early 80s period. I know the truck was put out in May It should according to "Ford's" site be a Dover T engine, but Another interesting tit bit, guessing what applies to 4 cylinders also applies to 6.

That's what prompted me to inquire, there must be a list somewhere that explains what was done, or at the very least a list of the cast engine id on the block, matching with what "version" of engine it is. Paul, wikipedia how ever inaccurate it can be, infers that some of those made in the UK were exported to Turkey and Australia. I thought it was the engine but it's actually the model.

I didn't ask the owner how he knew it was a d, it's certainly nowhere on the compliance plate or any other tags. The model as per the tag is The facts there's three d variations with 3 separate but same engines with out the bother to define the model further with something like a b and c It's nothing that is obvious looking various info that can be found online.

It by rights is a T engine, that just happens to have cu in of displacement. From fords site. Apparently is somewhere there on one of the tags I'm going to have to make a habit of taking my glasses with me when I'm looking for engine data. I also had a quick look though the owners manual sold with it, and was fascinated by the engines listed that "might" be in it There was a mention of a Perkins V8, so that explains that guide I guess Sadly Ford have porked that book as well, as it didn't list anything bigger than the Dover Click here to help.

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Navigate to Ford Cargo recommended engine oil? Hi I have a Ford Cargo non turbo and I am going to change the engine oil. Could anyone help please Robert October Need to mend your Ford lorry? Answers will appear here when the question above is answered. No answers have been added yet. Can you help? Click here to add an answer. Add An Answer Form Add your answer using the form below The question:.The Ford Cargo is a forward control cab-over-engine truck model that is manufactured by Ford.

Originally launched in by Ford UK, it is now built in Brazil and Turkey with the latest generation of the Cargo launched in With Ford's sale of its commercial vehicle division to Iveco inthe Cargo was sold in Europe under the Iveco Ford name untilwhen the Cargo was updated and became the Iveco Eurocargo.

It was originally only built in Ford's Langley Slough plant, from which about a third of the production was exported to continental Europe.

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Cargos were also exported to Turkey and to Australia, while panels were supplied to Brazil for local assembly these Brazilian trucks were also exported to the United States. It was also made by Freightliner Trucks and sold as the Sterling Cargo or the Freightliner Cargo in the United States before production ended and Sterling was shut down.

I'd love to be emailed when a new, high quality document is available for my Ford Cargo.

ford cargo 0813 engine size

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Home Workshop Manuals Ford Cargo.

ford cargo 0813 engine size

Ford Cargo The Ford Cargo is a forward control cab-over-engine truck model that is manufactured by Ford. Get notified for new files? We'll send you a quick email when a new Ford Cargo document is added. Related Models. Ford Official Website. Never miss out: Get notified when new Ford Cargo documents are added. About Manuals. Connect with us.Ford Range Brochure includes Fiesta Escort, corgi ford cargo weetabix lorry - excellent condition, back door opens and closes.

Ford Cargo

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All Used New. More pictures. Details: ford, brochure, fiesta, escort, cortina, capri, granada, transit, cargo, truck. See complete description.